Club Development

Clubs provide the governance, administration and technical leadership to the community. The better the club, the greater the player retention; greater retention results in greater player development.

Top Clubs can easily articulate Why the club exists, How the Club Plays, and How the Club teaches based on how players learn.

ClubDev assists clubs in developing a clear club philosophy (The Why), the basis for all club programs (The What). Once philosophy and programs are developed, ClubDev assists clubs in developing leaders and coaches (The Who) able to implement and teach the Club Way.

This provides a coherent, long-term plan to the players, parents, and coaches of a club. This knowledge engages and empowers the players and parents who become long-term members.

Our Club Development Topics include:

Club Mission/Philosophy/Vision
SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
Market Analysis
Culture (Values, Goals)
Organizational Structure (Staff, Board and Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities)
Parent Engagement and Education Programming
Marketing and Communications

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